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The no.1 manufacturer of pool enclosures
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French manufacturer and installer of swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures fitted with toughened safety glass 
and without rails on the floor.


This website will show you a wide range of swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures.


For each model you will get an idea of the PRICE

Our swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures are of top-quality and cost-effective


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 Sure you will find the swimming pool enclosure or the spa enclosure you need!

From the discreet low enclosure to the high enclosure which is like a veranda, Aqua Telescopic Enclosures offer a wide range of choices in terms of heights, shapes and colours. With in mind the quality of materials, durability and design, our swimming pool enclosures will be fully integrated to your swimming pool surroundings and house. 

The Aqua Telescopic Enclosures will allow you to bath whatever the season is: the water will warm up from 6° to 13°C according to the exposition of your pool. The water will also remain clear, protected from leaves and other pieces of grass. Also, with an enclosure half chemical products will be needed: it is therefore softer. Eyes will not be hurt anylonger.

In one word, Aqua Telescopic Enclosures offer a wide range of top-quality and cost-effective swimming pool enclosures. Safety and comfort remain the key words of our policy.

The specifications of our swimming pool enclosures can be different according to your project. This means that you will get the most perfect enclosure which will be fully integrated to the environment. 

 Swimming pool enclosure fitted with toughened safety glass for better transparency, long life with less condensation

  • Swimming pool enclosures without rails on the ground to leave as much space as possible around the swimming pool
  • Swimming pool enclosures with an aluminum structuremany colours available
  • Swimming pool enclosures with toughened safety glass with special joint for better airtight and waterproof
  • Swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures made in France
  • Swimming pool enclosures assembled within our factory for best quality
  • Very resistantenclosures 
  • Swimming pool enclosures conform to NF90 309P standards (wind up to 100km/h, snow 45kg/m²)
  • Our swimming pool enclosures can conform to snow and wind building construction standards on request!!!


The Aqua Telescopic Enclosures team offers a wide range of swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures; they are both of high-quality and cost-effective, fully made on-measure, with sides glazed with toughened safety glass, with or without rails on the ground. We will have the choice between a high enlosure, a medium enclosure, a low enclosure, a leant to or against wall enlosure. Again, each enclosure we may offer is without tracks on the ground. Sides are fitted with toughened safety glass.

No doubt you will find in our website all the information you require. You will therefore be able to make up your mind and have a good idea of the quality and services you will benefit of. Having an idea of the prices of our swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures is easy : each page has its own information.

An idea of the price?

. Telescopic swimming pool enclosure

. Fixed swimming pool enclosure